Who we are ↓

Solstice is an international solar energy provider supplying a broad range of solutions tailor-made to suit every client's needs. We exclusively offer a turnkey photovoltaic solution regardless of the size, location or complexity of the project. Our dedicated team provides hands-on assistance in every step of the way from design, supply, installation and operation of your solar photovoltaic installation. Solstice's comprehensive and reassuring approach does not only encompass basic services but also extends its support towards complete financing of your project.


Our Team ↓

Solstice’s team comprises of experienced executives and professionals from diverse backgrounds and fields. Our team is committed in making sure that the step towards solar energy is done smoothly and simply as well as highlighting its benefits.

Our team provides optimal technical and financial guidance, using a customer centered approach in order to cater to your needs. The designated roles within the team include managers, engineers, financial consultants and technicians who all have a sole objective: the success of your project.


Our Mission ↓

Our mission is to provide an all-inclusive and efficient service that will ease the way into solar energy keeping the client’s satisfaction our number one goal.


Our Vision ↓

We aspire to become one of the leaders and pioneers in the worldwide solar energy industry paving the way towards a cleaner and more economical alternative to generating power. We believe that renewable energy is a pillar in our struggle against pollution and the ultimate protection of our planet.


Our approach

In an effort to make solar energy more accessible, Solstice has created a unique approach of providing a comprehensive service to its clients without any prior commitment. We offer free consultation that includes a holistic study of the project detailing technical and financial aspects. Several financing options are then presented that ensure that the client’s cash flow remains positive throughout the lifespan of the system. In other words, our client does not need to find any additional capital to build his solar system and more importantly will not need to wait for the payback period to end before starting to save. Finally, Solstice will commit to constructing the solar system with the highest standards and warranties available while providing operation and maintenance services during the system’s life-cycle.


Solstice will build your solar system without any client investment which guarantees immediate savings and earnings as soon as the system is installed.


Our Promise

  •  Free consultancy
  • Free technical study
  • Free design
  • 0 commitment
  • 0 investment
  • 0 maintenance
  • 0 operation
  • 0 emissions
  • 100% assurance