A Solar On-Grid system is the simplest way to reduce electricity bills or to generate power on the utility grid. It includes solar modules to convert solar radiation into electricity and one or several grid tied inverters to supply electricity to the load or sell the excess electricity through net-metering or feed in tariff schemes. These systems are mostly used in regions where the grid is reliable and where power cutoffs rarely occur throughout the year.

Utility Scale

At Solstice we have the capacity to design and implement large scale solar farms (10s to 100s of MW), which supply power at the utility level, rather than to local or individual users.They are similar to centralized power stations with the ability to generate electricity for large energy demand. They usually include large central inverters and transformers.

Commercial Scale

We can also handle large scale commercial projects that are usually mounted on roofs or in parking lots to supply power to a high consuming facility such as a school or a shopping mall. Commercial system are On-Grid systems that are designed to supply electricity to the facility. Commercial systems are usually include several string inverters to reach 100s of KW to a few MWs.

Residential Scale

Residential systems are the simplest type of system designed for home use. They are mounted on flat or inclined roof and supply power to the household. These are the smallest systems available and can range from 1 KW to 10s of KW for larger houses. They usually include a few panels, an aluminum structure and a single three phase or single phase inverter.