A Solar Off-Grid system is the simplest way to power a remote location where the grid is not available or where the grid is not stable enough and suffers from extreme power failures. Soltice offers a multitude of off-grid systems designed for different applications and including different components. Whether your goal is to power a small facility using only solar energy or to decrease your diesel consumption in larger facilities, we have the right PV solution for you.

Standalone Battery Systems

Standalone battery systems all share the same components: solar panels, charge controllers, batteries and inverters. They supply power continuously to remote areas or to locations with unstable grid. They are widely used for powering telecom stations.

Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Lighting is the ultimate solution to light remote areas or facilities. They are standalone systems that operate autonomously and without any maintenance. They are also easy to install and cost effective.


PV-Diesel Hybrid System

The Solar PV-Diesel Hybrid system is a photovoltaic solution specifically designed for large scale remote projects that rely on diesel generators or for large consumers in locations where the grid is unreliable and suffers from frequent failures. This system allows up to 50% saving on diesel and has an extremely attractive ROI.


Solar Water Pumping for Irrigation

The Solar Water Pumping system is a photovoltaic solution directed specifically towards the agricultural and water supply sectors. This is a simple system that does not include any energy storage which allows it to be financially attractive. It operates only during the day with a varying capacity depending on solar irradiation.